What's New For January 2022

We are adding some new things to the shop in the New Year including nine new awesome scents and if you would like to see what we have in store, keep reading to see what's coming to Soyful Candles & Melts in January 2022.

Starting the New Year with new ideas and taking risks can always be a positive change for your life and this year we wanted to take a chance and add a few new things to the shop including a handful of new and different Scents.

In today's blog I am going to tell you all about the new things that will be arriving in early January 2022 which include all the new fragrances that will be available. It's pretty exciting!

First I am going to start off with a tool that is great to have if you're a frequent candle user. It makes life a bit more simpler having of these around.

Candle Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimmers are an amazing invention! They're just like scissors but they can get down into the jar to cut the wick properly so you don't have to struggle with a pair of regular scissors. These cutters can work with regular wick candles and most wood wicks as well.

Just a friendly reminder to make sure you keep regular wick candles at 1/4" long and wood wicks between 1/4" to 1/8" in length.

Now on to the most exciting part...all of the new scents! These are scents that are completely different then what I normally carry but with getting a lot of requests for more earthy/woodsy aromas, I ordered these popular scents (as per reviews from my suppliers site) below and hopefully everyone loves them because honestly...they all sound amazing!

So lets talk about the new scents.

Cardamom & Tobacco- *NEW SCENT*

Tobacco and scents mixed with Tobacco has been a big hit this year so I decided to give this one a try and it does not disappoint. Cardamom & Tobacco is a very sophisticated and warm spice aroma that is similar to Clove and Cinnamon but include warm woodsy notes with a sweet Tobacco. This one is actually available for purchase now and if you liked any of our current Tobacco scents, I truly think you'll enjoy this one!

Teak Wood- *New Scent*

This one is a great earthy aroma as it is filled with a deep, rich, woodsy scent with top notes of delicate White Blossom, with mid notes of Myanmar Teak Hardwood on a subtle base of Leather.

Nag Champa- *New Scent*

Nag Champa is a scent that really reminds me of incense sticks. This aroma is an exotic blend of Florals, Spices and Resins from India. With base notes of Earthy and Musky aromas of Sandalwood and Magnolia.

Wild Rose-*New Scent*

Just in time for Valentines Day, this Wild Rose aroma is a beautiful and fresh smell for anyone who loves the Rose/Floral aromas. This scent will be available with some rose petals and buds and will be in both regular wick and the Luxurious Wood Wick line. This one would make for a lovely one for around Valentines Day, especially with the wood wick candles. Having the crackle of the wood wick mixed with this aroma would be beautiful!

Lavender Sage- *New Scent*

Lavender is such a popular scent and this soft floral Lavender is mixed with earthy undertones that start with the noticeable top base of Lavender, mid base notes of Sage and Chamomile, and finished with the earth blend of Sandalwood.

Sounds like a very calming and soothing aroma!

Sensual Amber- *New Scent*

A rich and luxurious aroma that is made with exotic woodsy notes and a season-less sense of comfort and appeal. Experience sub-warmed Petitgrain, Creamy White Rose Petals, and Honeywood in this magnificent fragrance.

Sounds lovely doesn't it?

Citrus & Sage- *New Scent*

citrus sage scented candle