What's New For Fall 2022?

Updated: Sep 1

Fall is just around the corner and we are so excited to release our Fall Collection and indulge in the coziness of everything Fall brings. Read more to find out what's arriving with this year's Fall Collection.

There is nothing more peaceful than sitting by your favorite candle while drinking a hot drink and reading a book. Sure, you can do that all year round, but there is just something special about Fall that makes you enjoy it even more. Maybe it's your favorite cozy sweater or the fuzzy blanket that you're using or maybe it's just smelling that new Pecan Butter Tart Candle that you just got. Either way, Fall is a beautiful season and with that, it brings some beautiful things, including our awesome scented Fall Candles.

In today's blog, I am going to introduce to you the new scents and products that will be arriving on September 1st along with our regular Fall favorites. Let's start with an exciting new product that we will be launching that we've never done before. Zodiac Charm Candles

We are excited to announce our new candle line: Zodiac Charm Candles. These candles will be made with a zodiac label for each sign and will include their appropriate charm necklace as a surprise inside the candle. These necklaces will be safely put inside the candle while it's being made and when the candle melts far enough, the candle user will be able to see the foil-covered surprise.

For safety purposes, it is best that the candle is blown out before removing the necklace from the candle.

These candles will be available with selected scents and non-scented options as well. Now, it wouldn't be a good Fall season if we didn't offer a few new Fall Scents to go along with our favorite regular Fall scents. So, along with our normal Fall Scents, we will be introducing a few new ones to go along with them. 1. Autumn Pear

A new sweet and spice scent that will fill a room with a nice and cozy aroma. Autumn Pear is a perfect scent for this fall season with its sweet scent of ripe pears fresh from the warm sun and kissed with yummy vanilla, brown sugar, and of course...spice.

Noticeable Fragrance Notes include: Top notes of: Leaf Green and Citrus. Mid Notes of: Spiced Pear and Tarty Apple. And the main base of: Vanilla Sugar.

2. Apple Tree

Just like the name says, Apple Tree smells like fresh Apples from a fully bloomed Apple Tree.

This scent has the sweet and sour scent of freshly cut Granny Smith Apples.

3. Earl Grey Tea

For the Earl Grey Tea lovers, this may be a scent for you to enjoy. This new scent is just like a steaming cup of hot Earl Grey Tea with its notes of bergamot and an abundance of warmth and comfort.

4. London Fog

Similar to the scent above, London Fog is basically the Earl Grey Tea scent but with a bit of a sweet side to it. This scent has aromas of bergamot, spices, and a touch of sweet vanilla.

and lastly, we finish off with a new scent that will be used with our Fall and Winter Collection. 5. Gingerbread Caramel Mousse

A yummy new scent that will no doubt be a seasonal favorite for the Fall and Winter collection! This classic gingerbread is fused with caramel and sweet milk that has an added delectable aroma which is an enhanced blend of ground cinnamon, fresh ginger, clove bud, and molasses that is smoothly rounded out by whipped vanilla. We are super excited for everyone to try these new awesome scents and of course for the new Zodiac Charm Candles as well.

If you are looking forward to trying any of these products, they will all be released and ready for purchase on September 1st. There will also be postings on our social media pages when we release the collection as well.

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