New Candle Scents Coming For Spring 2022

Check out what new scents will be arriving just in time for the Spring Collection of 2022.

When it comes to making candles, it can be pretty overwhelming when trying to pick the right scents as there are TONS of fragrance oils to choose from. As the company continues to grow, I like to add unique scents that I hope my customers would like along with trying to add ones that are requested too.

So for this spring, we will be bringing in some new scents to try that sound all so very lovely. But don't worry, your regular favorites will be back too.

There are six new scents that will be added to the Spring Collection and I am very excited to try them out. Check out below what new ones will be available just in time for Spring.

1. Jasmine & White Silk:

This calming scent is one that has an ideal balance of sweet and enchanted aroma through tea leaves, jasmine and light fruit notes.

Fragrance Notes that you will notice are:

Top Notes: Sambac Jasmine, Black Currant Mid Notes: Tea leaves, Sage Base Note: Rose, greenery

Sounds like such a fresh and peaceful scent, doesn't it?

2. Northern Blueberry:

Just as the name says it, this new scent delivers the fresh and sweet aroma of Blueberries. Not to get this one confused with our very popular Blueberry Muffin scent, but this one is strictly just the aroma of the yummy fruit with no sweetener or baking scents added to it.

3. Verbena & White Thyme:

Imagine, a flowing meadow of green dotted flower stems with emerging blossoms of violet and white and filling the air with the lovely fresh floral aromas.

Fragrance Notes that you will notice are:

Top Notes: Violet Bloom Mid Notes: Wild Thyme Base Notes: Meadow Grass

4. Starfruit & Aloe:

This lovely aroma has the perfect blend of succulent starfruit with soothing aloe. You'll experience notes of Sicilian Bergamot, Hibiscus, White Kumquat, Sandalwood, Sea Moss, and Driftwood. This one is a unique one that I cannot wait to try out myself!

5. River Stone:

An Earthy based aroma that will be great for the person who loves scents of the outdoors. This scent will remind you of hiking through the woods and finding a beautiful river. This uplifting scent includes a mix of aquatic freshness, wet stones and river floor.

Fragrance Notes that you will notice are:

Top Notes: Green Moss Mid Notes: Wet Granite Base Note: Tawny Oak

6. Dragon Fruit:

I am excited to add this one to the Spring/Summer Collection this year. This aroma has the vibrant burst of trending Dragon Fruit that leaps to the forefront of this sweet peach and citrus medley.

Fragrance Notes that you will notice are:

Top Notes: Dragon Fruit, Peach, and Calabrian Bergamot Mid Notes: Chamomile, Rhubarb Base Notes: Berry, Gardenia

These scents all sound so refreshing and perfect spring! Even though Spring may be quite a few weeks away here in Canada at least these scents will be the perfect jump start for filling a room or home with a scent that will remind us of those days to come!