New Arrivals For Summer 2022

Updated: Aug 14

It's so exciting to bring new scents in, especially when they smell amazing. Check out today's blog on what's new for this Summer!

1.) Grapefruit

A Fresh cut fruit aroma that will fill your senses with it's sweet and tart combination that will make your mouth pucker.

This new scent shares a refreshing tartness on a softened base note of sweet berry. You will notice fragrance notes of; Rhubarb, Grapefruit, and Berry.

2.) White Fir & Peach

Picture from Village Craft & Candles

This new arrival is an interesting twist on green as this needle and sap fragrance is sweetend by fresh peach and warming Cedar.

You'll notice fragrance notes of; Peach Nectar, White Fir Needle, Pine Blossom and Cedar Wood.

3.) Campfire

If you enjoy the outdoors, this scent will become your favorite. This new arrival smells like campfire that has been started with newly cut wood. Add in bit of a herbal undertone, such as firs, cedar and leaves and it becomes the perfect outdoor scented aroma.

4.) Veggie Garden

This new scent has the unmistakable aroma of fresh tender herbs from garden to kitchen. A perfect and the long awaited scent for the avid "fresh food" connoisseur.

You'll notice fragrance notes of; Galbanum, Carrot, Rose, White musk, Fir Needle, Wood accord and Grounded Earth

5.) Periwinkle Cotton Candy

A familiar scent with a fruity twist. This ever popular candy floss confectionery signals the arrival of summer festivals but this version has a slightly more berry note than the traditional cotton candy. You'll notice fragrance notes of; Lemon Sugar, Sugar-berry, Blue Violet, Dixie Red Peach, Blue Raspberry, Coconut, Spun Sugar, and Vanilla.

I am excited to share these new scents with everyone as every single one of them smells delightful and go perfectly with our Summer Collection and best of all.... they are all available for purchase.

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