15 Refreshing Scents For Spring 2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Winter blues got you feeling down lately? Our solution to fighting this long, lingering, Canadian winter months is by lighting up a refreshing scented candle that will remind you of the more radiant and warmer weather to come.

If you live in Canada like myself, I am sure you can agree that our winters can really drag out. It almost feels like an eternity before we get to experience the warm weather and once we get it, it's gone within a blink of an eye.

So, as we patiently wait to feel the warmth from the sun beat down on our faces and to breath in the sweet smell of Spring, I thought I'd start off a bit early and discuss this years Spring 2020 scents.

1.) Muskoka Boathouse:

Every time I need to explain this scent to someone, the best way I can explain it is this: "Imagine being at a cottage by the lake and sitting on a dock in the early morning of a warm summer day. You're breathing in the fresh smell of the trees and flora around you while the damp wood from the dock floating in the water gives it a nice woodsy undertone." Men can enjoy this one as well. Cost: $16

2.) Country Cottage:

An earthy and woodsy aroma with a slight berry undertone. This fragrance is another one that is a great "Nature like" scent with a touch of fruitiness and sweetness. Cost: $16

3.) Honeysuckle Pear:

A very sophisticated fragrance. The sweet smell of the beautiful bell-shaped honeysuckle is captured and added to juicy ripe pear, resulting in a wonderful, fresh natural botanical blend.

Cost: $16

4.) Spring Breeze:

A fresh and relaxing aroma that will remind you of a beautiful spring breeze. It is a clean, light floral that carries well in open concept areas.

Cost: $14

5.) Irish Spring:

A very familiar scent of Irish Spring soap, this fragrance opens with fresh citrus and bergamot, followed by a nice floral and herbal notes on a woody base. This is a popular "masculine" scent that would be perfect for any man cave.

Cost: $14

6.) Lavender:

This Lavender is a soft floral fragrance that will remind you of a fresh field of lavender. Cost: $14

7.) Hyacinth:

What else can I say but that this scent smells just like Hyacinth, a true to the spring flower. Cost: $16

8.) Grassroots:

This smell will remind you of the warmer seasons because it truly smells just like fresh cut grass. So if you like the smell of grass, this one is for you my friend.

Cost: $16

9.) Apple Blossom:

This one is a new favorite of mine. As a candle maker, I do love a lot of d