12 Tropical Scented Candles That You Will Want to Try

Do you love the fresh smell of exotic fruits? Give your home a very Tropical Island feel with these tropical scents for Summer 2020. They're so deliciously sweet!

I love fruity smells around the Spring/Summer time as they can be such a nice and refreshing touch to your home, especially after a long winter. My go to Tropical Scents are anything with coconut and I absolutely love having my home smelling like a tropical drink.

Not a fan of coconut? Don't worry, not all of my tropical scented candles and melts are made with coconut. I do have a few in this collection that does not include the scent of coconut at all.

Lets get started with one of my top sellers so far.

1.) Tiki Tahiti:

With a yummy mix of exotic fruits, Tiki Tahiti has the perfect blend of fresh ripe Banana's, sweet Mango's and juicy Peaches. This one has become a customer favorite, especially for anyone who does not like the smell of coconut.

2.) Jamaican Bay Rum:

Jamaican Bay Rum is another favorite for anyone who doesn't like the smell of coconut. With its fresh tropical blend of peaches, papayas and mango's, this aroma will leave any room smelling heavenly.

3.) Island Goddess:

Embrace your inner Island Goddess with this new aroma. It carries a perfect blend of tropical fruits such as: banana, peaches, mango, blueberry, pineapple cilantro & coconut lime.

4.) Pina Colada:

"If you like Pina Colada's..." This scent smells exactly what the title is and it smells wonderful. It has just the right amount of juicy Pineapple and sweet coconut.

5.) Pineapple Island:

Pineapple Island is a nice treat of sweet juicy pineapple, coconut and a touch of whip cream.

6.) Bahama Mama:

This one is a new in-house blend I made and I absolutely love it. It has such a tropical aroma that I can see this being one of my main ones this summer to use. I've also been able to give out a couple of samples and everyone seems to be loving this one too.

Bahama Mama has a blend of such scents as Bananas, Peaches, Mango's, Lime and Coconut.

7.) Sex on the Beach:

Resembling the famous drink "Sex on the Beach", this scent is a perfect blend of juicy fruits such as peaches, clementines and sweet cranberries.

8.) Coconut Lime:

Coconut Lime is one of my all time favorites and I use it to mix it with a lot of my other tropical scents. This scent alone is a VERY strong coconut smell so you will have to make sure that you and anyone else in the house hold REALLY likes the smell of coconut.

9.) Caribbean Sunset:

Caribbean Sunset is from the Summer 2019 collection that made it to this years Summer 2020 line. It's a simple in-house blend that works so perfectly together. This candle (or melts) is made with the juicy aromas of pineapple, peaches, coconut and a touch of cilantro.

10.) Blue Lagoon: